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Track API usage across all projects with our detailed dashboards.

Understanding your traffic and app usage is key to growing and scaling a fledgling Web3 business. Get insight into how users are interacting with your services and contracts.

  • Hourly updates
  • Usage notifications
  • Deep user insights
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Blazing fast APIs around the world.

Ensure your users get the fastest Web3 experience. Our APIs provide coverage around the world. Heavily optimized, get data from any chain at lightning speed.

  • Low latency
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Support multiple chains
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Understand what motivates your users. Block suspicious activity.

All Connect3 plans come with access to TRUST. We anaylze 10s of millions of transactions per day to build models that understand the transactions of every wallet on our supported chains.

Query our TRUST APIs to get insight into every wallet that interacts with your dApp.

  • Block bots
  • Protect drops
  • Defend against attacks
  • Foster community

Everything you need to build in Web3

A wide variety of APIs ensure Connect3 will provide all of the data you need to operate at the highest level in Web3.

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Secure your dApp

Protect yourself with industry leading security. Understand why wallets are interacting with your contracts. Reward the good, stop the bad.

Block bots before they get started.

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Ownership, Metadata, More

Get all of the information you're looking for with Connect3's NFT APIs. Transfer history, live metadata, and so much more.

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Understand the Market

Get up to date information on the value of all of Connect3's supported and tracked tokens and NFTs.

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Blockchain APIs

Connect directly to every blockchain in a variety of regions around the world. 99.9% uptime ensures you'll get the response you need when you need it.

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Target Wallets

Define what kind of wallets you're interested in targetting and we'll help you track them down.


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It's going to take a bit for us to dig ourselves out of this hole we've found ourselves in. We'll be with you every step of the way

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